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Southgate Finally Named England Manager

Well, the FA took their time making the announcement, but Gareth Southgate has now officially been announced as the new England manager.

It makes you wonder what has taken the FA so long with this? Maybe their attention has been on writing the new walking football rulebook which is due to be released at some point in 2017. Hopefully they get it right and the rules of walking football will be clarified so there is no more confusion.

Southgate to give everything

Anyway back to Southgate and after being announced by as the new manager of England he has promised to “give everything” to make sure the team is a success.

While I don’t doubt his commitment and determination, I do wonder about his qualifications and lack of experience for what is a very tough job.

World cup 2018

Will England qualify for the World Cup in 2018? Yes I think they will, mainly because their group shouldn’t be too difficult to win, even if England are not always on top form.

The main problem, as everybody in England knows, is how the team perform once they are in a major tournament, as over the last few tournaments they have been a disappointment

Yes, Southgate did take the England Under 21 team to a tournament, but ultimately, let’s face the facts here for a minute, because at the end of the day he really isn’t the right man for the job on paper.


As a club manager he was in charge of Middlesbrough for 3 seasons, getting them relegated from the Premiership to the Championship.

He then went on to the England Under 21 team, where he took them to the European Championships in 2015, where they didn’t manage to get out of their group.

Is this really the right qualifications for an England manager? Of course not, but many are saying that he is the only English choice for the role right now after Sam Allardyce got fired a few months ago.

That might be true, but does the manager really have to be English? I’m sure there are more experienced and qualified managers out there from other countries, and more importantly, managers with World Cup experience.

However, Southgate is the England manager now and we must all get behind him and the team and give them a chance.

Who knows, he might go on to become the best England manager of all time, lifting the World Cup in 2 years time with his captain Wayne Rooney. In football anything can happen.

Walking football England team

If it doesn’t work out for him then there are no doubt other roles waiting. For example, he could be appointed manager of an England walking football team, made up of ex professional international players.

That would certainly get some interest, and bring more attention to walking football around the country.