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They Play Walking Football and Get Awarded for it

All they did was form a team and play walking football in the town of Halstead, and now they have an award for doing it.

That is exactly what happened to a team that was started by John Smith, who at the age of 70 decided that having extra exercise was important for both himself and his friends.

Now, sports awards run by Fusion Lifestyle have recognised the impact he and his team have on the community, especially when you consider that many people in the team are in the 60’s and 70’s age group.

Walking football for over 50’s is very popular right now of course, with cities, towns, and villages all around the country starting up leagues and cup competitions to cope with the demand.

walking football is exciting

If you are new to the idea of walking football then you might be thinking it doesn’t sound particularly interesting. People walking around and playing football…how can that be exciting? Actually, you’d be surprised how good the games are, not to mention the skills required to play the game well.

Make no mistake about it, thousands play walking football every week, and thousands more are just finding out about it.

Just like John Smith in Halstead and his team. After receiving the award John commented, “I’m really pleased for the team, and that we were commended for encouraging elderly people to improve their fitness and their well being”

That’s great John, and let’s hope you and your team continue playing walking football for many years to come.

Young people play walking football

Is walking football just for people over 50 though? Absolutely not, and in fact, many younger people are now taking up the sport. Go to any city and you will find an over 40 football league, and then other leagues that cater towards people in their 20’s and 30’s.

It doesn’t matter your age, you can play walking football.

You can just play a casual game with your friends and have an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours, or for people that want to take it a bit more seriously, find a league to join where you can play against other teams of a similar age and skill level.

The rules are very simple. No running of course, and no tackling. Fortunately, the FA are coming up with an official rulebook so we all know the rules and there is no debate.

There is even some talk of ex professional players starting to play walking football, and that some of those games might even be televised.

New Walking Football League for Essex

We all know that walking football is popular around the UK, but many places don’t yet have leagues in place for more competitive matches.

Well, that seems to be changing in Essex right now, as the FA recently announced plans to start a walking football league in the area as long as enough teams show their interest.

That should not be a problem in my opinion, mainly because I know that Essex have many people who play the game casually, with a lot of those players wanting to join teams and and get more competitive.

If you don’t know already, walking football is a relatively new variation of the small-sided football format, where as you might be able to guess from the name, players are only allowed to walk…no running allowed.

Everybody wants to play walking football

This has led to people of all ages taking up the game, with many people in the over 50 range who appreciate the fact they can enjoy a game of football without having to be really fit.

That’s not to say walking football is an easy game to play though. As any player will tell you, it’s a great form of exercise, and after a game your body will definitely know it has been in a match. This is why you should always start off with a few friendly matches before moving into more serious competition.

No matter if you play with a few friends or in a league, it seems that playing walking football once or twice a week gets you near the two and half hours of physical activity that is currently recommended by the NHS. Combine it with a trip down the shops and taking the dog for a walk every day and you are well on track for having great fitness, no matter what your age.

Walking football can be played both indoors and outdoors, and with typical matches taking around an hour, it’s the perfect way to continue playing the game you enjoy, while at the same time socialising with friends and maybe even winning a trophy.

Walking football in essex

So what about this new walking football league in Essex? At the moment all we know for sure is that regular players in the area have been notified and asked to express their interest. One idea is to start off with an over 50’s and over 60’s league, and then if successful, branch out into all age ranges, as well as skill levels within those ages.

If you live in Essex and want to take part in one of these new walking football leagues, simply go to EssexFA.com and complete the form with your contact details. Someone will get back to you.