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Saido Berahino Still Not Playing for West Brom

Fans of West Brom would normally be watching Saido Berahino score goals, but he hasn’t played since September due to the club saying he is unfit.

This has prompted West Brom manager Tony Pulis to put Berahino on a special training regime away from the rest of the team for the last couple of months, but despite this it now seems that he is still not match fit which has led to the club sending him back to a conditioning camp in France.

Walking football to get fit

It makes you wonder if walking football would be a good game for Saido Berahino right now? The pace of the game would no doubt suit his fitness levels, while at the same time he would be able to burn extra calories without breaking too much of a sweat.

That’s not to say that playing walking football is easy. Thousands of people play it every week around the UK, although most of these people fall into the over 50 age group. For the 23 year old Berahino, a game of walking football should be a walk in the park.

Is the main problem with Berahino that he just doesn’t want to be playing for West Brom? Only he can answer that of course, but there have certainly been a lot of things going on between himself and the club.

Twitter outburst

Last year, he publicly criticised the chairman on Twitter when they refused to sell him to Spurs…something he had to apologise for later on.

It’s a shame of course, because on his day Berahino is without a doubt one of the most exciting prospects in English football, scoring goals for fun and setting up his team mates for chances as well.

It was during this time in the 2014-15 season that West Brom were on a great winning streak and in the top half of the Premiership. If only they could get Berahino back on track then it could be the start of a winning run for West Brom once again.

Berahino back on form

Will this happen though? It’s difficult to say really. If Berahino does get back into shape and is reunited with his manager and team-mates, then it’s more than possible he could recreate his form of 2 seasons ago where he scored 20 goals in 45 appearances.

Let’s wait to find out what happens here. There is no doubt the Premiership is better off with players like Berahino when they are fully fit and on form, but if he doesn’t make it back into the West Brom first team there are plenty of walking football teams out there who would welcome him into their squad.