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Over 800 Clubs Play Walking Football in the UK

It was 2011 when two teams decided to play walking football for the first time, and now 5 years later some are reporting there are 800 clubs in the UK.

This is great news and just goes to show that people are starting to become more serious about competing in walking football competitions.

over 40s play walking football

At first, the whole idea behind the game was to get over 40s football players out of the house and playing some casual games to help improve their fitness, and while this is still the main selling point of the game, there is no denying things are starting to become more organised.

We are now in a situation where Premier League clubs such as Manchester City and Spurs encourage people in their city to play walking football on a regular basis, and where the FA have decided to come up with an official rulebook so there is no confusion about what players can and can’t do.

Not only that, but some ex football players have even been talking about a professional walking football league, where matches would be televised and thousands of people would go and watch in a stadium.

Walking football world cup

Who knows, maybe it won’t be long until we are watching a walking football world cup with players that have played in world cups from years ago? This would surely draw in millions of viewers on the television and generate millions more in advertising and sponsorships.

For now though we have 800 clubs in the UK who are playing the game on a regular basis, while thousands more play casually for fun.

the rules of walking football

So what are some of the rules you might be wondering? Obviously the main one is no running, although that doesn’t mean players are moving around at a casual pace. Some of the games do get very competitive.

There is also no tackling, especially slide tackling, and no going into the goalkeepers defensive semi-circle (similar to five a side).

In fact, many leisure centres are now reporting that walking football has become more popular than five a side, which just goes to show you how popular it is right now, especially among players over 50.

reasons to play walking football

Why has the game become so popular? Well, for one, it is a great form of exercise, while at the same time allowing men and women the chance to play the game they enjoy. Many of the people that play used to compete in local and Sunday league teams and now they get the chance to keep on putting those boots on every week and getting on the pitch.

Another reason is the social aspect, with many players enjoying a drink with their team mates and rivals after the game. This is a great way to meet new people and make friends.

If you want to play walking football then you should have no problems finding a team in your local area, or you can even start your own team and then apply to join a league once you’ve played a few friendly matches.

Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Walking Football Very Popular in Great Yarmouth

All around the country walking football has proved to be a hit among people of all ages, and that is no different in Great Yarmouth.

Thanks to a new football centre that has recently opened at Flegg High School, everyone can now play walking football on a weekly basis, and so far it has been very popular….nearly as popular as normal five a side football, which just goes to show you the word is getting out about this slower paced version of the game.

Walking football for over 50’s

Every Thursday at 5pm you can find a few different games of walking football at Flegg High School in Great Yarmouth to suit your age group, and according to organisers of the games it is the over 50’s age group that has been packed out week after week.

So much so that there are plans to start having walking football at the centre for two nights a week starting from next year.

A representative of Flegg High School recently said, “walking football is a great way for those who find the fast pace of regular five-a-side- slightly tougher, be they slightly older people or those recovering from an injury.”

He’s right of course, and that is one of the main reasons why the country is now seeing so many players in the over 50 age bracket taking up the game.

Everyone has a chance to play

Gone are the days when you had to give up playing football once you could no longer keep up with the pace, as walking football now gives everybody a chance to keep play despite what their fitness level may be.

That is why Flegg High School are encouraging more people to go to their weekly walking football sessions. “There is always room for more people to come along,” they commented, “it’s proving popular with people in their early 50’s.”

At the moment, walking football games in Great Yarmouth typically last for about 45 minutes. If you are still unsure about whether or not it might be suitable for you, then why not go down and watch a game? It shouldn’t take you too long to get the hang of everything though, as walking football is basically the same as normal football, just with no running and no tackling.

Walking football tactics

While the fast paced nature of football is not there, many believe it makes the game more technical, with a greater emphasis on passing accuracy and tactics. This makes for some very interesting games that have spectators on the edge of their seats.

In many areas of the country walking football is already becoming more competitive, with leagues and cups now being formed for teams that want to get serious.

For the time being at Flegg High School in Great Yarmouth things are still friendly, and if you want to check out or play in a game of walking football then you are invited down on a Thursday at 5pm. The cost is £2.50 for a 45 minute game.

They Play Walking Football and Get Awarded for it

All they did was form a team and play walking football in the town of Halstead, and now they have an award for doing it.

That is exactly what happened to a team that was started by John Smith, who at the age of 70 decided that having extra exercise was important for both himself and his friends.

Now, sports awards run by Fusion Lifestyle have recognised the impact he and his team have on the community, especially when you consider that many people in the team are in the 60’s and 70’s age group.

Walking football for over 50’s is very popular right now of course, with cities, towns, and villages all around the country starting up leagues and cup competitions to cope with the demand.

walking football is exciting

If you are new to the idea of walking football then you might be thinking it doesn’t sound particularly interesting. People walking around and playing football…how can that be exciting? Actually, you’d be surprised how good the games are, not to mention the skills required to play the game well.

Make no mistake about it, thousands play walking football every week, and thousands more are just finding out about it.

Just like John Smith in Halstead and his team. After receiving the award John commented, “I’m really pleased for the team, and that we were commended for encouraging elderly people to improve their fitness and their well being”

That’s great John, and let’s hope you and your team continue playing walking football for many years to come.

Young people play walking football

Is walking football just for people over 50 though? Absolutely not, and in fact, many younger people are now taking up the sport. Go to any city and you will find an over 40 football league, and then other leagues that cater towards people in their 20’s and 30’s.

It doesn’t matter your age, you can play walking football.

You can just play a casual game with your friends and have an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours, or for people that want to take it a bit more seriously, find a league to join where you can play against other teams of a similar age and skill level.

The rules are very simple. No running of course, and no tackling. Fortunately, the FA are coming up with an official rulebook so we all know the rules and there is no debate.

There is even some talk of ex professional players starting to play walking football, and that some of those games might even be televised.

Over 50’s to Play Walking Football in Evesham

Thousands of people now play walking football every single week, but it’s mainly in the cities and bigger towns.

This is changing though, as the word gets out about walking football. And over 50’s football in particular, in many smaller towns and villages.

Consider Evesham for example. A market town in Worcestershire that until recently never had any kind of walking football games at all.

In fact, most of the residents there had not even heard of the game. But that is about to change thanks to sessions now being run every Wednesday at the Wallace House Community Centre.

Walking football for over 50’s

These sessions are being marketed as 50’s football. In other words, you have to be over the age of 50 to play.

Walking football is perfect for people in this age range. Mainly because the pace of the game is a lot slower. And you don’t need to have the physical fitness of someone younger to enjoy playing.

Actually, many fitness experts are recommending that over 50’s play walking football as a way to get weekly exercise. Not only does this burn calories and improves fitness, but it’s also really enjoyable to play. Especially if you are a football fan or used to play for a team a few years ago.

The initial sessions in Evesham are going to be focusing on casual games to get people familiar with the rules, but if it becomes popular like it has just about everywhere, then expect the games to become more focused on leagues and cups. Don’t be surprised if there is a over 50 football league in Evesham very soon.

Play walking football

One thing I’ve noticed about walking football is that anytime it’s introduced to a new town or village it isn’t long until teams are setup. And then players want to become more competitive.

This is why the FA are working on a walking football rulebook right now. So that more important games can be played to a set of rules that everybody understands.

Some football experts are even suggesting that Premier League managers and players have been consulted in regards to the new rulebook. Let’s just hope they get it right so walking football can really start to become the game it should be…played by many people around the UK on a weekly basis.

If you’re interested in playing walking football in Evesham then sessions begin on November 9th from 1.45pm at the Wallace House Community Centre, and will be then held at the same time every Wednesday. The sessions are affordable, costing only £2, which means there is no excuse not to go along with as many friends as you can find.