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FA to Write Rulebook for Walking Football

It’s the game that everybody is talking about, and players like Harry Kane are endorsing…it is of course walking football.

There are now thousands of people who play walking football around the country every week. And an estimated 800 clubs that have been formed since the games invention in 2011.

Best of all, new clubs are being formed all the time. Which is why many experts are calling it the new football game that is available for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 65, walking football can be played by all.

what are the rules?

The main problem has been lack of rules. Apart from the fact you can’t run, and this has led to arguments breaking out at games.

To gain more clarification about how to play the game, and to stop these disputes between teams, the FA have decided to finally step in and and write the definite guide to walking football rules.

In my opinion this is a great idea and much needed. Let’s face it, if you don’t have an official rulebook for a game that is played by thousands of people then there is always going to be arguments about the rules. This should pretty much put an end to that.

Also, it gives ref’s a manual to study from, which ultimately means the standard of walking football officials should become very good.

A walking football revolution

When the game first started in 2011, it was just a bit of a laugh. Mainly a good way to play football for over 50’s and for people in general to get a bit of exercise. That still is very much the goal of walking football. And is why the game is available to all. It can’t be ignored however that many people want to play the game more competitively

Who knows, maybe we could be watching walking football on the TV in a few years time? Especially if some ex professional players decide to take up the game.

So what are some of the rules that need clarifying by the FA? One of the main points is how high the ball can be kicked. Some suggest it should be head height (similar to five-a-side) while others arguing there should be no limit. Hopefully the new rulebook will decide once and for all.

There are also things such as if players can score from direct free kicks, if back passes should be allowed, the amount of touches someone is allowed to take at any one time, and if to have contact between players.

If you are just having a casual game with your mates for some over 50s football then you can decide on any rules you want. But for players who want to play in leagues and cups this new FA rulebook will take walking football to a new level.