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Over 50’s to Play Walking Football in Evesham

Thousands of people now play walking football every single week, but it’s mainly in the cities and bigger towns.

This is changing though, as the word gets out about walking football. And over 50’s football in particular, in many smaller towns and villages.

Consider Evesham for example. A market town in Worcestershire that until recently never had any kind of walking football games at all.

In fact, most of the residents there had not even heard of the game. But that is about to change thanks to sessions now being run every Wednesday at the Wallace House Community Centre.

Walking football for over 50’s

These sessions are being marketed as 50’s football. In other words, you have to be over the age of 50 to play.

Walking football is perfect for people in this age range. Mainly because the pace of the game is a lot slower. And you don’t need to have the physical fitness of someone younger to enjoy playing.

Actually, many fitness experts are recommending that over 50’s play walking football as a way to get weekly exercise. Not only does this burn calories and improves fitness, but it’s also really enjoyable to play. Especially if you are a football fan or used to play for a team a few years ago.

The initial sessions in Evesham are going to be focusing on casual games to get people familiar with the rules, but if it becomes popular like it has just about everywhere, then expect the games to become more focused on leagues and cups. Don’t be surprised if there is a over 50 football league in Evesham very soon.

Play walking football

One thing I’ve noticed about walking football is that anytime it’s introduced to a new town or village it isn’t long until teams are setup. And then players want to become more competitive.

This is why the FA are working on a walking football rulebook right now. So that more important games can be played to a set of rules that everybody understands.

Some football experts are even suggesting that Premier League managers and players have been consulted in regards to the new rulebook. Let’s just hope they get it right so walking football can really start to become the game it should be…played by many people around the UK on a weekly basis.

If you’re interested in playing walking football in Evesham then sessions begin on November 9th from 1.45pm at the Wallace House Community Centre, and will be then held at the same time every Wednesday. The sessions are affordable, costing only £2, which means there is no excuse not to go along with as many friends as you can find.